30 October 2008

Importance of Javascript

If you are a fresh web developer and just finished learning your very first server side scripting language aka ASP.NET, then you probably must be thinking why in the world should i learn another client side language aka Javascript. I mean you probably can get most of the things done by using the all mighty "ASP.NET" technology, can't you?
Well its time to get a reality check!! No web developer these days can survive without knowing javascript...take my word for it!!
Even i used to think the same way but soon realized that its not possible to stay without js. Take for example you want to show a alert message or get a confirmation from the user on the client side. You might think that using MessageBox.Show() would do the trick but it fails on many occasion as its a windows class library function. Instead you have to write something like this. in the head section of your html document inside the scripts tab("script").

var ans= confirm("Are you sure you want to do this?")

Well this is a good example for very first starters and you might find many other stuff accross the internet.
My point remains that you cannot ignore javascripts and start learning it immediately. A good webiste to get started is www.w3schools.com.

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