21 December 2008

Working with HTML Div element

When i started my Web development career all i knew about HTML was table,td,tr,css and a few other tags. Most of the times i used ASP.NET components, without much tweaking. But soon i came across Web 2.0 techniques and realized the advantages of using Div elements + advance CSS handling. And so i began (again!) .......

To my initial horror i just couldn't get any thing in write place. Div' s overlapping each other, validation alerts flying all over the place, page changing structure after postback,.....just to name a few problems. But i had to focus, do my homework and start correctly. After reading some useful articles on the NET (You can find many!) and taking some expert tips from our lead designer, i finally started getting things write.

Now i was writing less HTML code as most things were configured through CSS. Just required to apply proper classes to the DIV's or give id's to them. You can follow any of the methods classes/id's but using same id's on same page is not W3C complaint. Also the most important thing that i realized about div's is that it's more cross browser compliant hence saves a lot of time configuring your web page for different browsers. Web pages look more cleaner than before.
So now i think that i have started off with WEB 2.0 (WEB 3.0 buzz already round the corner!!).
The learning path just got longer......................................................

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the fact that DIV based designs are much better.
You should consider posting some Advance DIV techniques!!