06 June 2010

Working On Windows Application

Web to Windows Application shift was not something i was hoping for when i stared with ASP.NET.
But as it turns around i got a Good Domain "Medical Insurance" to work on, and so i readily accepted the challange.
Been busy eversince last 4 months.
Hey it does get boring at times but just look at the good things i got to learn...

1.Large database handling techniques!!
2.Really improved my SQL Server knowledge and skills.
3.Learnt a lot more about Crystal Reports and Windows Application.
4.Got to know how to communicate with clients (USA). And loving it!
5.Really learnt how to work in a shared environment, using source safe, communicating with developers across the globe, coding standards etc etc.

So all in all its a great addition to my Resume!

And now the Best Part is that we are implementing the same functionality on a Web Portal as well.
Ain't that great!!

ASP.NET here i come again!!

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