12 January 2009

Discovering Twitter

Twitter as we all know is the latest buzz word talked about over the Internet. For those who don't know Twitter is a free social networking service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (otherwise known as tweets). You can read a hell lot about it on Wikipedia.

Excited and eager to check out this new website i immediately created and account and started tweeting(Check Out here). Guess what Twitter even has big celebrities like Britney Spears and popular people like the new US President Barak Obama having their own Twitter account(i don't think they actually post there though) which were recently Hacked!!

Initially i found the idea of tweeting quiet original and unique. But as with many things it soon got boring. The fact that i had to get people to follow me in order to view their tweets and updates is just so repeating procedure. Even most of my friends didn't reply to the invitations that i sent. For many people are getting tired of Social Networking sites.

But to be honest i was quiet disappointed !

Eventually i have discovered a good use of Twitter and that's using it to promote your site/blog and following some famous, geeky, new etc etc people!
Lets see if twitter can be the next big thing on the WEB especially since it has competitions like MySpace, Facebook & Orkut.


Anonymous said...

Dude twitter is mostly famous in the United States. As far as social networking is concerned its something new and not just for popularizing your blog

Anonymous said...

Facebooks rocks today!!