07 January 2009

Re Thinking Blogging Strategy ??

When i started blogging, I had a mission in my mind and it was to make $ money $....some really good $ money $ using various add programs like Google Adsense. The 'weapon' of my choice for a 'Blog Topic' naturally was by default Web Development as i was already into it.

But soon after searching various blogs, articles and stuff on Google Search (and even reading them) it just struck my mind that earning money from blogging no child's play!!
You gotta think...think and think before writing a good article, play with keywords and other SEO techniques and sit on your butt! for couple more hours in day to finally just get some Internet Traffic.

And even after doing all this activity on regular basis you have to pray that people who do visit your blog also mercy fully click on the ADDS!! Well its been three months for my blog and there's hardly any revenue form it!

Well the New Years here and so I have finally decided that its about time that I Re Think my Blogging Strategy ! should i continue Blogging ? should i change my Blog Topic ? should i buy a separate web space with my very own domain ? Uh.... So confusing .....

Anyway my Blog still helps me keep important piece of software CODE that i cant really remember in a place where i can find it easily and that too for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!
That's something that still kept me going on.

Well i am no J.K. Rowling to come up with exciting stuff each time to write on blogs, so changing the topic is just out of question!
Lets see where the light takes me........................................................

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Sudipta said...

Dear Amit, No great building was ever built in a day. You are doing good. Keep writing more articles that will encourage people to come back to your blog again and again. - Sudipta