12 November 2008

Best Browser For Web Development

Which is the best browser for web development?
The Browser war may be at its highest intense level ever right now with Internet Explorer,
Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari haven released their latest versions promising a lot to the
customers and Google haven jumped into the arena with its latest Chrome browser with all new
neat javascript supporting technology.
But all these new web browsers have also put us web developers into a great jepoardy!!! As we have to make sure that our web site runs similarly in all of the above (at least these 3 browsers). Even the testers are having hard time looking at 3 to 5 different windows of the same page at the same time(Good luck to them too!!).

In this all chaos the one browser that i trust and use for my development purpose is Mozilla

Firefox (latest version). Some of its best features are:
1.Tabbed browsing....Now every one seems to have this one
2.Support for Addon Tools and Themes
3.Definately faster browsing speed than IE
4.Huge open source development team!!

Apart from this Firefox is also well responsive to CSS and Javascript. It also has very
powerful web development Adon tools which are worth mentioning here.
1.FireBug-For tracking CSS,Javascript & HTML
2.Web Developer Bar -Provides advanced features including error reporting of Javscript
3.Html Validator -W3C standard HTML validator

One may now think that i am trying to promote Mozilla here, but honestly i have tried IE, Firefox 3 & Chrome, and Firefox surpasses them all with a great margin (provided you install the addons).
Also i would like to mention that Google Chrome seems to be quite promising browser and will definately catch up within a year or so. One unique feature of chrome that i found is that
even if one tab in a window hangs/freezes for some reason you don't have to close the entire
window (I experimented this by putting a javascript into a endless loop)
I havent played with Safari or Opera yet (never needed to!!) but if you readers have
anything worth mentioning about them please feel free to post.

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Ethan said...

You should try Opera. It really rocks. By the way i like you blog , and do keep on posting new content.