10 November 2008

FCKeditor Common Problem

FCKeditor Problem:
A Potential Dangerous Request Form value was detected from client("")

FCKeditorFCKeditor is great free Web-based HTML text editor to integrate into your website for HTML
editing. Be it ASP.NET or PHP it provides quite a host of features like
fileupload, stylesheets, image uploads etc.
But a very nagging problem that is associated with Fckeditor while using in ASP.NET is the above
titled error.
This error is mostly received when a page containing the Fckeditor server control is loading and
suddenly the user clicks on any other link/button on the page before the current page loads
Keep in mind that this is a ASP.NET security feature.
A very simple solution to this problem is to set the Page Directives ValidateRequest property to
false. This can be set in the first line of the aspx page as follows..

<%@ Page language="C#" CodeFile="index.aspx" Inherits="Index.aspx.cs" ValidateRequest="false" %>

Note: ValidateRequest is a ASP.NET security mechanism that protects a website from Cross Side Scripting attacks. Disabling this would leave your site vulnerable to such attacks! You can find more about this CSC by googling around.

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