26 November 2008

Skills needed to survive the IT Slowdown!!

You may ignore it, but have to accept the fact that global recession has also it the IT industry. It may even happen that before you open your eyes and smell the Coffee..your PINK SLIP might be ready in your Bosse's office. But hey! don't panic cause everyone knows that a highly Skilled person can never be out of work for a long time! So here are a few skills sets, which if you posses will definitely see you through this bad time!

1.Know your Framework
BE it ASP or PHP knowing the framework thoroughly will definitely put you ahead in the race. All ASP.NET developers might have already come to know that no matter how much you "think" you know ASP.NET there's already something new yet to be discovered and before you figure it out, Microsoft might have already updated the technology.

And as for PHP developers knowing a framework has become quite important. With the meteoric rise to fame of Rails, Django, and other MVC frameworks, developers have learned that they can build websites much faster with the help of these tools. Frameworks help you cut out much of the repetitive tasks that normal custom programming would require. Having knowledge of the top frameworks (Rails, Django, CakePHP, Symfony, and a few others), can give you a whole other dimension to your skill set.

2.Custom CMS themes
Designers and developers can always find work creating or customizing a CMS theme. As the popularity of CMS like Wordpress and Drupal have risen over the past years, so has the demand for creating themes for the software.

Many people use CMS to power their personal or business websites, so this work is always going to be around. A decent website needs a unique and usable design that reflects well on the brand behind it.

3.CMS Customizations and plugin development

CMS are great because it gives site owners with little technical know-how the ability to change aspects of their site on the fly with the help of modules. While most CMS platforms have a long list of modules to offer, many businesses and personal sites need more, and custom modules or plugins are the perfect solution.

Developers can have thriving businesses in CMS development and customization alone. Here are a few (and by no means all) of the top CMS platforms that could use plugin development and other customizations:

* ExpressionEngine
* Wordpress
* Drupal
* MovableType
* Joomla

4.PSD to XHTML services.
Another one of the more popular skills needed is converting Photoshop files (PSD) to XHTML files for template use. Because designers don't always know how to convert Photoshop layouts into template files, a CSS and XHTML ninja can always find work.
Because of the array of browsers now in common use and the niggling differences in how they render sites, you want to be a web developer who can build-out sites that display the same in any browser. This kind of design to code service is the most sought after of them all.

5.Javascript Plugin creation

Much like the rise of CMS and MVC frameworks, Javascript frameworks are just as popular. These Javascript frameworks are built with the ability to add custom functionality in the form of modules. If you're a developer who knows how to build custom Javascript modules for frameworks like jQuery or Dojo, you'll have plenty of work available. Here are some of the most
popular Javascript frameworks you might need to get a handle on.

* jQuery
* Scriptaculous
* Dojo
* MooTools

6.Facebook/MySpace applications-API Development
Facebook and MySpace have both opened up their platform to allow developers API access, and the demand for social network apps has been huge since then. A whole new industry for web development sprang up overnight, and hundreds of applications are now added on a daily basis. The social media application platform has been found to be very viral and potentially very lucrative.

Some of these applications are built to make money or drive brand awareness, but ultimately the applications can be very successful and viral if they're done properly. A solid developer can make a decent living creating Facebook and MySpace applications.
Social networks like Facebook require that you learn their own language of syntax, like the FBML (Facebook Markup Language), so there is a small learning curve to this skill.

7.iPhone & Mobile Applications development
Yet another platform-specific skill set, building Mobile applications can be very profitable, and much like the social media applications, a great skill for any developer to know. Making an iPhone app that is accepted into Apple's platform has an excellent chance at making great money or receiving tons of downloads.

This is a great thing for web developers because companies are starting to see the value in developing iPhone and other mobile technologies, and consequently will be wanting more and more applications developed in the future.

8.Ecommerce integration
Business web sites are always going to need ecommerce integration. Essentially, if you can take a language or framework (PHP or Rails) and fuse it with a payment gateway (like Paypal or Authorize.net), you'll do well for yourself. I'm predicting that we're going to see more paid services than free, ad-supported services being developed in the near future, as less money is
being doled out to startups.

As the economy turns sour and the ad industry starts to get a little tighter, websites that use a subscription-based revenue model will start to become more common. Having the knowledge to piece together integration with online banking services like Paypal and Google Checkout will be great skills to have.

9.Flash and Actionscript Knowledge

Flash animation can do a lot for a website. Flash can be used to create videos, interesting navigation, fun animated sequences, widgets, and many other useful things on the Internet. The flash technology can add a very professional dimension to any website, and large websites and corporations always pay to have their sites look professional, and often commission Flash animated interfaces to showcase their products. With search engines working on ways to have Flash communicated better with them, this is a skill that's sure to boom as the search technology advances.

10.Widget development - Google Gadgets

Widgets have changed how web development has been done in the past couple of years. With the advent of widgets, data has become more portable, interactive and most importantly, viral. It's in almost every web startup's business plan to include a widget or two at some point, mainly because it helps increase their audience and puts more eyeballs on their content.

Widget development requires knowing Javascript and/or flash, not to mention knowledge of the regular language that the parent site is built in.

As a Conclusion i would like to leave a message on behalf of everyone:
"I tried so hard and got so far but In The End it doesn't even matter!!!!!"

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Good Tips but only from a web developers point of view. Got anything for general public?